Aura Browser failed to make!

Hi, been playing with Zorin 16.3 and managed to upgrade to kernel 6.2 using Tuxinvaders. So downloaded all the tar.gz files that make up KDE 5.27 in an attempt to upgrade from 5.18 (I don't expect much do I?! :rofl:)

I followed the instructions to build Aura Browser and get the following output in the .log file (I am guessing it is because core components it is expecting won't be present due to the fact Zorin 16.x is based off Ubuntu 20.04). The log file is located here as it exceeds the length permitted for the forum:

Aura browser? Isn't that a KDE/qt browser?

Yes. I installed kde-full on Zorin 16.3 on VM and upgraded kernel with tuxinvader version 6.2 in an attempt to install Plasma 5.27.

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