Authentication Error help!

My laptop was in Sleep mode then when i turn it on. It's showing Authentication Error on Login Page can't allow me type the password so i force shutdown the laptop using the power key now its not booting stuck at This Page.

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Try hit [esc] to see wht's going on.

Look like have to reinstall OS😕 Tried everything. Is it a Bug on Zorin os @zorink

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I wonder the same- this issue has been repeatedly noted by Multiple Members over the last week.

You mean the login error after the sleep?
It is never the problem on my HP Elitebook.
Wonder if it only happens on the certain laptops.

For comparison to see if it's a hardware compatibility issue, would you share the model of your laptop? (Obviously Asus)

I'm sorry, I was rushing in and out earlier... and forgot to get back to this.
You might access the tty or use the Recovery Menu and drop to prompt, then remove the .Xauthority file from the Home Directory. Replace $USER with your actual user directory name:

sudo rm /home/$USER/.Xauthority

sudo reboot

If that says file does not exist, try:

sudo rm /home/$USER/.ICEauthority

sudo reboot

Asus Fx504ge

Update!! So I reinstalled OS. Do i have do something re-config... So that problem don't come back. Or it's bug?

Or the PEBMAC :wink:

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