Authentication Error

Greetings. I don't know why this shows up whenever I wanna login and use Zorin OS and I cannot use it. When it shows up my laptop just reboots and reboots. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

Can you enter the recovery menu by holding or tapping Left Shift Key at boot. From the recovery menu, drop to prompt and enter the following:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure gnome-shell

Once complete, return to the recover menu and select to normal Boot and test login.

Thank you, but it didn't work and it's still the same.

Can you scroll down to "best answer" and review the suggestions made there? The topic in that post is about upgrading the system and having a Login Loop... But the principle is the same:

You may also check the fix for Login Loop:

Do you happen to have NVidia GPU?
I had this login loop more than once under Mint XFCE and Ubuntu Mate (but so far not under Zorin 16) after updating NVidia graphics driver.

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