Authentication Required On Reboot - Asks for Keyring

I need this gone, ASAP. When I reboot an OS, I want to get immediately into it each time. You have no idea how fanatical I am about this! To give you an example, I regularly check my Windows installation Services and Startup Programs and terminate anything that doesn't need to be there. Recently I went through Black Viper's guide. I never use a password to login and never will, EVER. Linux will receive a similar treatment.

Asking me for passwords in the terminal or when I try to install certain things - fine. I will live with it. But a password on reboot is no bueno. Comprende?

So how do I get rid of this stupid Keyring request on reboot?

To remove the login password requirement on boot/reboot: (1) click on the menu button ("Z") to open the Zorin menu, (2) click on "Settings" (right pane of menu) to open the "Settings" menu, (3) click on "Users" to open the "Users" menu, (4) click on "Unlock" (orange band at top of menu), (5) enter your password to unlock the "User" settings, (6) change the "Automatic Login" slider to the right ("On").

To remove login password requirement after suspend: (1) click on the menu button ("Z") to open the Zorin menu, (2) click on "Settings" (right pane of menu) to open the "Settings" menu, (3) click on "Power" to open the "Power" menu, (4) change the "Automatic Suspend" slider to the left ("Off").

This document gives a good overview of keyring concepts in Ubuntu/Zorin if you are interested.

OK, I already had automatic login on and suspend off. Whatever this is it is a keyring request. I just get a message saying something wants keyring access. That is what I want to get rid of. I have no idea what that thing asking for access is. I will Google if there is a way to see what apps are asking for keyring access.

Chances are that you installed software from a third party outside the Software Center that got entered into the keyring relating your user account. I had this issue after I installed the Dev version of Microsoft Edge from a Microsoft deb. Review the keyring concepts document I linked to in the previous comment and the document will give you a head start on resolving the issue. Note particularly the concept that autologin does not unlock your user keyring and, as a result, you are asked to unlock your keyring when opening application that uses keyring.

I THINK the issue resolved itself. I just uninstalled a bunch of things I installed from Flathub. So far on this reboot no keying request.

That's great. If I may make a suggestion, bookmark the "Keyring Concepts" document so that you will have easy access to it if you run into a keyring issue in the future. Because you are not unlocking the keyring by entering your password when you log in, you are likely to have continuing keyring issues when you install third-party software. Keyring issues can be maddening, but most are easily resolved.


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