Authentication Required On Reboot - Asks for Keyring

I need this gone, ASAP. When I reboot an OS, I want to get immediately into it each time. You have no idea how fanatical I am about this! To give you an example, I regularly check my Windows installation Services and Startup Programs and terminate anything that doesn't need to be there. Recently I went through Black Viper's guide. I never use a password to login and never will, EVER. Linux will receive a similar treatment.

Asking me for passwords in the terminal or when I try to install certain things - fine. I will live with it. But a password on reboot is no bueno. Comprende?

So how do I get rid of this stupid Keyring request on reboot?

OK, I already had automatic login on and suspend off. Whatever this is it is a keyring request. I just get a message saying something wants keyring access. That is what I want to get rid of. I have no idea what that thing asking for access is. I will Google if there is a way to see what apps are asking for keyring access.

I THINK the issue resolved itself. I just uninstalled a bunch of things I installed from Flathub. So far on this reboot no keying request.

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