Automatic Time Zone wrong

Hello. I am a new user to Zorin OS Pro and am seeing an unusual thing when I'm home (I travel a lot). I have location services enabled and automatic time zone enabled, however, it doesn't always get the correct timezone. If I open the Maps app, it is accurate enough to show the correct city I am in so I don't understand what's going on. My home isn't near the border of a timezone either. Has anyone seen this or know of a fix?

Recap: Maps shows the correct location, but auto time zone is off by one timezone.


It’s probably getting the information from the originating ISP and whatever they choose to call their connection point. At another city, it will be different. The location is usually not based on GPS information because most desktops and laptops don’t have GPS (but some might).

@C141ZorinOS I think you are correct. I can confirm this. Had that issue in the Bahamas recently.

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