Automatic updates are disabled because the Internet is limited

I sometimes use the mobile Internet via Wi-Fi on my system unit to update and download programs faster. My Internet over LAN is not very fast. There are no special problems with switching. But constantly in the "Application Center" there is a warning that automatic updates are disabled because the limited Internet is used.
How do I disable this restriction? I have unlimited mobile Internet and I'm not worried about the amount of traffic)))
Below are two screenshots explaining the essence of the issue.

Я иногда на своём системном блоке использую мобильный интернет через Wi-Fi для более быстрого обновления и скачивания программ. У меня интернет по LAN не очень быстрый. Особых проблем нет с переключением. Но постоянно в "Центре приложений" висит предупреждение о том, что автоматические обновления отключены так как используется лимитный интернет.
Как отключить это ограничение? У меня мобильный интернет безлимитный и я не беспокоюсь за количество трафика )))
Ниже два скриншота, поясняющие суть вопроса.

Screenshot from 2021-11-27 21-27-05
Screenshot from 2021-11-27 21-24-57

Try these settings


it didn't help.

The updates themselves I have shows, and are updated. I need there to be no limit with limited Internet over Wi-Fi.

I also uses my phone wifi but I have have never faced such type of errors.

try to update them once again

If you use the data line of the mobile, you need to unplug RJ45 (i.e., LAN cable) when you attempting to use WiFi.

I found this out the other day when our Internet provider was down for 3 days. (Luckily our mobile phone was not with the same company.)

In this case, I have Wi-Fi from a mobile phone.

I will explain the question a little. I have no such problems from LAN, there is no such problem from Wi-Fi from the router either. The problem with automatic updating when connected via Wi-Fi from a mobile phone: the "Application Center" is afraid that I will use up a lot of traffic and does not want to update automatically. How do I disable this restriction?

Немного поясню вопрос. У меня от LAN нет таких проблем, от Wi-Fi от роутера тоже нет такой проблемы. Проблема с автоматическим обновлением при подключении по Wi-Fi от мобильно телефона: "Центр приложений" боится что я много трафика израсходую и не хочет автоматически обновляться. Как отключить это ограничение?

I fully understand your question.
I am asking whether you disconnect your LAN cable when you try WiFi connection.

If you tried it and if you still have this connection problem, we can invoke our master volunteer.

Sure. If I don't disconnect the cable from the LAN, the Wi-Fi internet won't work. It will continue to work over LAN, since LAN has a higher priority than Wi-Fi.

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OK, I will page

There is a Bug in Gnome-Control-Center that can cause this to be a persistent issue.

Can you run in terminal:

nmcli connection

This will list the UUID of your connection. Highlight and copy the long UUID
Now run:

nmcli -f connection.metered connection show INSERT-YOUR-UUID-HERE

Relay the result of connection.metered:


connection.metered: неизвестно

You might try setting the metered value to no

nmcli connection modify INSERT-YOUR-UUID-HERE connection.metered no


Thanks. It turned out after restarting the computer.
Great forum, great people, great Zorin OS 16 Pro!!!

It remains for me to solve the question "Aggregation of channels: the local network to go through LAN, and the Internet via Wi-Fi. And it was possible to turn it off and on by a simple method."
But I'll try to figure it out myself )))

Спасибо. Получилось после перезагрузки компьютера.
Отличный форум, отличные люди, отличный Zorin OS 16 Pro!!!

Осталось мне решить вопрос "Агрегация каналов: локальная сеть чтобы шла через LAN, а интернет через Wi-Fi. И можно было простым методом это отключать и включать."
Но это я попробую сам разобраться )))

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If you find a solution, do come back here and give us a Tutorial :slight_smile:

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beep beep... Я робот

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mission completed

beep beep......

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