Avoid entering password at system startup

Is it possible to prevent it from asking for the password at system startup?
Every time I start it asks me to enter the password to unlock the key ring.

Are you referring to this:

Or something else entirely?

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There's an easier way, Settings > Users > Unlock… > enter your password > enable Automatic Login.

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There are two things here...
Automatic Login can create other issues. I recommend instead that users change their login and root password to a PIN instead of a long password.

The other is that Login and unlocking the keyring are Two Separate Things and having automatic login will not unlock the keyring.

Most often, the Keyring unlock message appears due to a Browser, specifically Chrome or Chromium based browsers. But it may be caused by something else - Addressing that should be the course of action.

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I proposed how to hide the password request on login but I don't know anything about unlocking the key ring. But do you think it's necessary as a startup program?

Most likely, a startup program has an exec command that does not include password memory. For example with Chrome, you can use the exec command:

/usr/bin/google-chrome-stable --password-store=basic %U



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