Back in the days

When I used Ubuntu 4.10. (2004)
Found my old screenshots




This one is from 2006:


While I am not a fan of the old panel styles of Ubuntu, (I really think it was just in its infancy back then, and had a long way to go) I love what you were doing with theming even back then. It just shows you have been doing this for a long time.

When you look at vanilla Ubuntu and Vanilla gnome, they are ugly as heck! You obviously agree, as you were manipulating the colors left and right all those years ago. And it still needs theming today. Cause if you don't theme these distro's, vanilla don't look good.

Now, Zorin OS is a little different. Out of the box, it tries to balance a good looking OS with efficiency, which is why Zorin OS looks good out of the box. But, it can always look even better. Which is why Aravisian and Storm theme the shwarts out of it. HAHA Yes sir!

Ahhh my back in the day...

cowboys (2)


Konnichiwa Bubby-San!

I think I already get the picture (yes pun totally intended) :grin:

Here's how it goes, you were watching all the John Wane and Clint Eastwood movies, and you knew, there were plenty of hooligans hoopen and a holleran, all throughout your neighborhood, even the backyard. (GASP!) :scream:

But all you needed was your 3-cowboy buddies, a nice Colt peacemaker, and your noble steed to ride in on. (Replaced by a dog in this case) You vanquished many small critters that dare to invade, those roaches faced their execution with no do process. For you alone, are the arm of the law.

And with one fell stroke, you dispatched those remaining hooligans with great dispatch, with the smell of fake gun powder in the air, you boys won victorious against the wretched scuum and villainy. And you finished your day, riding off into the sunset on your Noble steed.

PS: Noble steed was technically useless, he was too lazy to hold your weight, and ran off as soon as he saw a squirrel. But we won't tell them the true story. And that as it was, the story of Bubby and his cowboy brotherin, cleaning up the neighborhood.

Bubby, would you please take out the trash? Maaa, I am trying to tell a story here.

But he couldn't take out the trash. Stay tuned till next weeks episode, Timmy fell down a well, cause Lassy said so, and Bubby has to save the day.

I can't even remember half of the apps from back then. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Horrible.. just.. horrible :slight_smile: (for me that is) Themes like that have too much going on in therms of visual thingy's (not sure what the correct word is, im not nativly english) I've always been more drawn to clean, uncluttered looks. If it doesnt need to be there, it shouldn't be. i dont like lines and stripes just for the sake of them :slight_smile: But it sure is fun to look how people make it unique, really personal :slight_smile:

I was young and naive back then and didn't grasp aesthetic :sweat_smile:

Human sense of aesthetic is ephemeral. People had hula hoop sized spectacles in the 60s. Then they weren’t trendy, recently they again became trendy. Our species will never make up their minds.

@Bubby - your dog looked as happy as dogs do while they’re being bathed. :flushed:


I Love it.
If a person must spend a lot of time looking at a desktop, they want to love what they see. I can see times when clean or uncluttered may seem good - but it is not a one-size-fits-all. Sometimes, your operating desktop should lighten your mood and make you glad to see it.
When you think about your Working State Of Mind, the UI is important. And marketers know this. It is why webpage UI is often the total opposite. It's not bland or flat and the UI does not get out of the way. It is in your face. Because people respond to it better.

Aesthetics varies widely.
But having it is crucial. To not only be productive, but also enjoy your work.
Changing your theme simply does not mean that your tastes have matured.

It only means that your tastes vary time to time.

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