Back to zorin - may purchase a license for 17.1 pro

Ok so I've moved back to Zorin 17.1 from trying to use ubuntu for a while. Now that some features are in place, I'm finding everything is working out ok.

I did have a problem with bluetooth recognizing my keyboard - this seems to be related to the base ubuntu version being used - as when I was testing out linux mint - same issue.

I ended up solving it by following some online suggestion - everything seems to work and appears to be stable so far. I did have one issue where firefox would hang while opening ... all of this could be due to updates needing to be installed and or a reboot etc. - not sure who knows. All in all it wasn't too bad.

Memory use seems ok, I've taken off transparency on the menu bar as well as effects. Why? after using kubuntu kde plasma which is nice etc. sometimes the extra effects seem to get really annoying after a while.

I'm not a fan of Ubuntu gnome - seem to always encounter odd issues every now and then and I'm probably a bigger fan of regular desktop experience. I enjoyed kubuntu, but plasma would flake out every now and then or something appeared to be missing ...

Anyway thought I would mention -- if all goes well, I may end up purchasing my Zorin 17 license - Can I get a reduced price if i own 16 pro license?


I have a few systems running different distros, but when it comes to my main system that use for work, it is Zorin. It has been rock solid for me and even through its upgrade cycle needs to improve some, I love having something I can rely on. I bought the pro just to support, but I do like the extra preset themes.

Ya I didn't mind the extra themes in 16 -- I'm finding 17 to be pretty solid as well so far - I think a supported OS financially has a lot more potential to be a lot more well rounded.