Bash-Scripting: Has the syntax changed in the last 22 years?


Is ok to learn the first steps, the basics, with an old book, or have important things changed?

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The basics are always going to be the same. Whatever changes have been made over time are either backwards compatible or minor adjustments easy to adopt.

Which book are you planning on reading?

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Oh, it's gotten really good. I've noticed a lot of distros moving to more GUI type elements; more 'comfortable' for newbies. Or, the ones coming back around :wink:

Zorin - I'll have to admit - has to be the easiest distro out; regardless of hardware. I was quite baffled by how easy everything was - compared to some others.. Zorin was the first one I got to register SecureBoot correctly, without having to manually add the entries. Don't have it enabled anymore but, did work! I might be taking a big step here but, I think it's actually easier than MS stuff; and doesn't take 5min to boot! :joy: My Zorin / Win11 dual-boot - Zorin kills Win11 every time on boot, loading anything, and just general use. It's like 11 has to think about what's going on before doing it.. And have noticed, especially with file explorer, it doesn't cache!! Every time I open explorer, it has to cache my local folders and 'home' (I thought that was rather rich from MS :rofl:) - just like Vista!! So, that's one black mark on MS for me lol..

What do you plan on doing? That makes the biggest difference - being able to get what you need done, done..

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