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I'm just starting to 'build' my Zorin desktop and finding it different from even the LInux Mint set up. So I'll be asking How-to questions like this one -

How to 'pin/unpin' an app on Start bar?

I currently see Firefox installed, but I would prefer LibreWolf (which I have installed)

I also use Zorin Lite.
I prefer the whiskermenu:

sudo apt install xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin

it is highly configurable - and you can right click any application in the menu and select to pin it to the panel.

I have Two Monitors at all times, the other monitor retains the ZorinMenuLite.
It also has this feature- right click an app and select "Add to panel."


Gday Jain,
Right click the program & select " Add to Favorites"
which is the taskbar.
Hope this helps
Sorry thought you were on Core,
Same as above Just it says "Pin" instead of " Add"

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Gday Ocka! thanks for your directions - did work. My Core does say
Add' not 'Pin'.

Well to make matters more challenging . . . Zorin (core) just totally locked up on me! I went into Settings gave a look at 200% scale and then can't even access the start panel! Clicking on the Z icon did nothing - couldn't even shut it down (restart). I pulled the plug but since the Lenovo is always running on (internal) battery, that didn't do a thing either. Finally found a Settings link in the drop UP menu of the battery icon so managed to get it back to 100% instead of 200% (which was as LARGE as the 100% is tiny) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Too bad one can't choose like 125%??

Just updated my Profile here - I ended up with Core, not Lite. Will have to look into that whiskermenu plugin!

Gday Jain, first please adjust your profile to show " Core" edition, :smile:
Leave the scaling at 100%.
Goto Settings/Accessibility Try " large text".
You can send accessibility's to your Taskbar to make it quicker to enable/disable.
I use it all the time, " large text",
Hope this helps

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YES! that is a big step in a very right direction - thanks ever so much!

I am a near sighted person who had lens implants to help with ever changing glasses lens. Great to be able to see 'normally' butttttt - now small text is the challenge. Very grateful for this solution.

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Also within Accessibility's it has "Zoom" that is very handy.

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Zoom will be great for fine print sites. :slight_smile:

I am currently running my old laptop next to my new laptop so that I can 'lift' information from the old to the new. What I lack is a second set of mouse and keyboard so end up switching the USB spliter from one to the other. Next accessory might be a bottle of aspirin (lol). My hats off to you to have 2 monitors at all times!

Also found Fonts in Zorin Appearance where I was able to set print to sizes that please me.

You could try install Gnome Tweak to get more options. :slight_smile:


Yes i have mine all set to size 14.

So many options and I am just touching the surface! Thanks for sharing that.

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You can usually go into each application (LibreWolf as well) and set a default font size. In Firefox you can actually override website font sizes and require that they are at least 18 or 20 (which will assist with your online reading). I wish there was a global option, but that only applies to the OS, not installed software.

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Please note, Jain's profile states "Core" not "Lite".

That was my bad Zaba - I hadn't properly updated my profile info. Kudos to Ocka for getting me to do it so that displayed correctly. (yes i did install Core)

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