Battery life on laptops with Zorin ...?

Curious - what is the typical life of a battery one can expect with Zorin OS on a laptop? Might update my wife's old MacBook to Zorin OS so our kids can use it. And I'm asking for myself, too, for future reference the next time I'm in the market for a laptop. Thanks.

My Laptop has 5000 mah battery and it has 80% of battery life left. But I still get average of 3 hrs. Which model MacBook you are talking about?

It's an older MacBook. Maybe from 2008 ... ?

I got my very first laptop with Linux preinstalled from Tuxedo Computers. Battery life has always lasted around 2~4 hours, depending on the workload, which is not great by today's standards. I've never tested this thoroughly but it was about the same on all distributions that I've tried on this hardware: TuxedoOS, ZorinOS 16 Core, Fedora 37, OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, Pop!_OS and Debian 12.

On the other hand, a much older Chromebook (at least 10 years old by now) continues to last a good 8 hours. On this Chromebook I've installed GalliumOS, Linux Lite, MX Linux, Mint, ZorinOS 16 Lite and most recently Debian 12.
I don't have the specs right now but they are much more modest and I think that's the key, as if Linux would use the hardware that's available less efficiently under lower loads.

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