Best settings after installing zorin 16

This is the best video that help me setup my iOS after I installed it .hope it helps new user like me and if anyone has something similar should please let me know


Excellent video ..... I've been using Zorin 16 Pro for 6 months now (my god how time flies) and there are stuff on that video I still didn't know .... this should rally be required viewing for all new Zorin users (and for some of us older Zorin users as well .....

I'm going to check out his channel to see what other gems he might have to share .....

Many thanks KWARA .... :+1: :clap:

I am no expert but I followed the directions to the letter in this video, I had to reinstall Zorin pro, because it became soooooo slooooow, running fine now, I can not offer any reason, as that is way above my humble pay grade!!!

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Video is okay I personally don't follow or use these videos. The only drawback of Zorin OS is that we can't pick and chose our kernels like in linux mint or manjaro etc...

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Actually I do not recommend people follow this video as it is clear the person doesn't know what he's doing or talking about. 99% of those video's on Youtube with the 10, 20 MUST things you need to do after installing are total nonsense.

Even in this video if you're not a gamer, why is one installing Steam? And who changes the dns on the system itself any more? I haven't done that in what feels like decades, I do it at the router, where you set it and forget it. In particular since the system is already on automatic to pull it from the router. And then we're using Google DNS... Really?

Preload is not needed at all, nobody is going to notice the few nano seconds anyhow. And if you're sitting there with a timer seeing how long it takes to open Firefox, well..... there are other issues

Then using the about: config to enable hardware accelaration.. why? To make it look like he knows what he's talking about is all I can think. How about go to settings, and click the box. There was no need to do it the way he was doing it. And this setting is also one of the biggest issues on website where the fix if you're having issues is to uncheck it and shut it off. And Webrender isn't about making things faster, it's literally in the name, it's about how things render.

And a bunch of other tweek this and that when in most cases not needed or was already done. Plus the install this and that, when yet again most people do not need it and absolutely no instruction on how to use what it is they just installed.

Then towards the end saying now that they've "optimized" their system, let's install Bleachbit. Yes, someone new to Linux thinking they now "optimized" anything (hint: they didn't) let's install and use Bleachbit...... What could possibly go wrong.

It's yet another video on Youtube looking to monetize on others work giving out bad information. People new follow this stuff, then wonder why they're system isn't working like people say it should and then may think the distro sucks or Linux sucks. But in reality, they followed people like this and did things they should not be doing.

If you need to know what to do on something, search for a specific action not someone putting up a catch all full of do this and that.


Anything that can go wrong WILL go wrong :rofl:


Exactly.... then cue all the postings of " What happened to my home folder? How can I get all my files back? " or " Why is my system doing this and why won't anything open? ". :grinning:

I don't like the bash shell so I installed the zsh shell and customized it with ohmyzsh and installed plugins like zsh-autosuggestions and zsh-syntax-highlighting they save a lot of time when using terminal

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I agree with everything you said; but this one has some caveats.
For example, if using KDE applications or apps written in QT, while using qt5ct to force them to use gtk themes, the apps will launch painfully slowly. It can take 7 seconds to launch an app. With Preload, it will cut this down to two seconds.
Preload can be very helpful and really shine sometimes. What goes wrong is when some users have unrealistic expectations of what Preload can do.

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Funny discussion about youtube channels what they sayed and offer. Nonody from them hold a pistol to your a head to installing and changing things in Zorin. Sometimes better check twice if you want something changing in linux. Two options if you don't want installing again Zorin and you are not sure what to do, better asking here on forum (special force army people) - people. One command can gived you a headeach or pain a teeth.

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HHB 3-82 1CD
First Cav, baby.

big ISPs generally have their network set up in a way which needs you to pay extra for """Advanced""" features like changing your DNS

so unless your router is approved by your ISP, or has bridge mode, you're screwed in this department

Maybe on an SSD, that is.

So that you're not unnecessarily stressing your CPU instead of your GPU for rendering Web pages, as especially Nvidia cards still don't have that as the default option for some components thanks to their drivers and (the lack of) VAAPI support

There is no WebRender toggle in the settings :wink:

Which is probably designed to be more efficient and secure, no?

The video isn't even monetised :confused:

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Absolutely not true.. Maybe some ISP's do that.. but I'm in the United States and I don't know of one ISP that has to "approve" your router. Your modem yes, because it needs to work on their system, but DNS isn't controlled in your modem.

Have no idea why you even mentioned bridge mode, do you know what bridge mode is?

Not a clue as to what you are talking about here or referencing....

I didn't say it was, that was in reference to the acceleration as I mentioned. But as I stated Webrending isn't about speeding anything up... as I specifically stated.

Has nothing to do with security either.. You should google and read what it actually is.

Missing the point... But okay.... :roll_eyes:

Have a great day....

Well another fine example of why one should not go to the web to search for answers to why things don't work or how to make things work using Zorin ....

All the above posts just helped to support my belief that asking questions here on this board is where you will find you best answers to you questions ..... if the answer you seek is not in the Tutorial & Guides or search function ask despite the suggestions that you search for it yourself ....

The points that DeanG and others made only point out that unless you are an extremely knowledgeable person (and I am definitely not) about ALL FACETS of the in's and out's of computers and their function you could just be downloading garbage you shouldn't .... ask for help or search this forum it will save you tons of trouble in the long run

Aravisian has pointed out time and time again that even well meaning websites have downloads or information that is outdated and not to be trusted .... so how are you to know which info is good and which is bad ????? ..... ask ....

Thanks to all the info posted above I will NOT be trying any of the suggestions listed in that video ..... I would not have known without all the feedback above and the fact I was busy doing something else or I might have tried some of them .... .....


Some is pretty innocuous. And opinions can vary.
I notice that some "Must Do after installing the OS" tips include... Install 0AD game.

It comes down to Revenue for Tip-Websites. Drawing in views draws in ad revenue. So they post whatever clickbait they can find. Even if some of it is very harmful....


Vodafone is somewhat big accross Europe, and they universally do that
even worse is that they're running an SSH server behind a Firewall on my router at all times ;w;

It does pretty much what it says on-the-tin
it allows you to use the router your ISP provided, not as a router in of itself, but rather as a bridge to your own setup
depending on what router, it might also act as something to convert from Docsis

You asked why one would manually enable WebRender and force hardware acceleration through about:config, and I told you just why I think people do that

In that case I want to apologize for misinterpreting your message
Either way:

WebRender is an experimental GPU-Based renderer (← important!) which was originally based on the Servo engine, but then later got adapted to Firefox's current Gecko rendering engine
Though, WebRender generally is disabled for Nvidia cards due to there not having been extensive testing and development with their proprietary GPU drivers, but only with MESA drivers.

Though, do note that that lack of support on Nvidia's drivers is changing by the minute, so I'd check up on that

if you had googled it, you would've known that WebRender is GPU based and thus can definitely improve performance.

"Missing the point" isn't a good excuse as to why this video specifically should be hated upon in my opinion

Either way, Have a nice day! :>

So as we know on internet are many things what are like this western movie good,bad,ugly. I learning if something working then why something changing if that even not help or is outdate? I know linux from one side not everything working on him. That the 3 worlds Microsoft>Apple>Linux. They are two for selling and another for free what never know what will be in future. I will take a journey on virtual machine to checked what another distribution linux gived to a user.

Thank you for that explanation, it helped me and no doubt others, cheers.

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