Best System Restore/Backup Tool for Zorin /Linux

sometimes doing a little mistake makes Zorin OS corrupt/broken and have must reinstall Zorin OS :worried: :disappointed: :cold_sweat: :crying_cat_face:, Is there any way to avoid this like restoring without reinstalling :thinking:? I don't really understand about this :worried:. thanks you :slightly_smiling_face:

What I hear most recommended is Timeshift or CloneZilla.
I can offer no further guidance other than pointing that direction- hopefully others on here can.

I do not use any of them. Sometimes a small mistake can corrupt or break things - in Linux we have more control and more access to things than Windows or Mac allows. But I have learned that when a person is on the road to breakage, they usually know they are on that road.
When using a terminal command found on the internet as a one-off suggestion to fix a problem - Check the date; that it is relevant; that it applies to you and your system.
Don't just cross your fingers and hope for the best. That is like driving a car and changing lanes on the freeway without checking your blind spots.

Make Back ups- just in case. I just compress the folders I want to keep and move those copies to external. A simple as that.
My goal - here - is to help people achieve not breaking their system, rather than to try to change the system. Because just like changing lanes on the freeway - you can never really get away from taking control for yourself. It is the Better Way.

It is not for Zorin, it is for Arch but can be useful as a guide

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I've heard good things about Aptic.