Best version for web developers lite, education, or core?

Best version for web developers, is it lite, education, or core in virtual enviroment? Do any of these come preinstalled with php etc?

Unfortunately php, Javascript, node.js, ruby will have to be downloaded and installed by you.

Builder ide in the education distro has the following included:

Assembly, C,C++, Shell Script, Python, and Perl by including the tools assembler, compilers, interpreters, and debuggers.

And maybe plugins for some languages, but again it is on you to enable any of them.

I would love to see a developer distro as it would help with having to download so much. The problem is, even if you only include popular languages the size of the distro would be enormous. You’re best bet is to choose according to your preferred DE and hardware capability.

I have had no problem installing the languages that I’m currently learning.

Let us know what you decide.