Better popup menu for file manager


This menu looks terrible and isn’t very helpful.

  1. Needs white or gray lines to create separation between sections. Without them it also creates the appearance of HUGE space between items.
  2. Icons could help differentiate items.
  3. I never want to open any of the items presented. Can you make a way to define which items I want to open. In many cases I have favorites in the file manager that I would prefer.
  4. Remove Home and New Window at the top. Reason: Home is already an option and all options open a new window.
  5. Please rename Remove from Favorites to Remove from bar or task bar. I don’t think anyone thinks of taskbar items as favorites, this is confusing.
  6. Move Remove from Favorites above quit as it is used more than show details. The users eye goes to the top or bottom of the list quicker than scanning through the list. If you had icons the user would scan for the icon.