Bluetooth and Mouse

Hi another question :slight_smile: so is there a way to make Zorin auto connect to my bluetooth speaker when it starts up?? right now i have to click on bluetooth icon and manually connect my speaker and I have noticed my cosair mouse isnt very smooth while using Zorin any ideas about that one

Please open a terminal and enter in


Look for your speaker in the output

To connect after the bluetooth manager prompt, type in


with the device I.D. listed in the output you get above.

Now, all you need is an autostart for the above. You can create a desktop entry to do that.
It must contain:
echo “connect (YOUR DEVICE NAME)” | bluetoothctl

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=/bin/bash /home/(YOURDESKTOP NAME)/bin/
Comment=Starts Bluetooth speaker

This will reference this bash script- Place it in your home folder ~/bin named


sudo systemctl start bluetooth

sleep 1

echo “connect (YOUR DEVICE NAME)” | bluetoothctl

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do I put this echo “connect (YOUR DEVICE NAME)” | bluetoothctl at the end of the desktop entry?

Sorry, I edited the above.

thank you