Bluetooth Ethernet Problem read description

Let me explain, I use internet through bluetooth sharing with my mobile so the problem is very unrelated but even so.........

when I connect to net through bluetooth tethering using my mobile and that's how I access net in zorin os and doing same in windows everything works fine but for some reasons my mobile speakers stops working lol while connects to zorin os.
This doesn't happen when I'm using window os

Do you use Blueman to manager your bluetooth connections?

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No idea what's even that
I just use bluetooth normally.

Please go to the Software Store. Please run a search for Blueman Bluetooth Manager.

Click on it, and you will know that you have the right one, because it will say on the page, its from the Blueman group. Please install that.

Aravisian and I are probably thinking the same same. Simply switching to Blueman, makes everything work, at least most of the time that is lol.

Why is this you ask? Well, to be frank, the built in Bluetooth manager kind of sucks. I really wish the Zorin brother's would switch OS 16 over to using Blueman by default.

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I don't understand, FenchPress recommends the software as well. Afterall, I learned about it from her.

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I think those who love CircusOhLay, would probably love those guys though, its more in their wheelhouse of entertainment. BTW, I hope that blue paint is safe, I've heard horror stories about people who painted every inch of their bodies, skin can't breath and all that.

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Cirque Du Soleil LOL

I worked for them in Austin when they were in town....

Mythbusters tested it. It's safe.

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This solves my problem but isn't adding a specific software for doing a work that could be done by the os itself consumes more resources.
This should be fixed. Don't know why it doesn't allow my mobile speaker to work but using blueman it fixes my problem.

Update:- the problem still persist randomly. I found a new thing there is a mic volume what it does?

I actually played song in mobile while bluetooth connected with laptop and obviously the voice wasn't coming so I just slide the mic volume option (in zorin) and lol my laptop speakers was playing the song which was played in my mobile. So I conclude that my phone using laptop speaker but I didn't did anything to do so. Xd I only wanted Ethernet option.

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