Bluetooth headphone not detected on Asus X205TA

I have a Asus Eeebook their is no sound on it i also have a blue-tooth headphone but it does not pair with my laptop, before i had windows on it but on windows the sound was working it

The speakers on my laptop are not powerful i barely hear some sound on it, it would be nice if you could pair my headphone that is the JBLT450BT

Anyone please help me ,i don’t know much about kernel and terminal, etc i am new to Zorin OS

Hi, aditya.
Can you clarify if you have no sound or some sound? The title says no sound but from your post it seems like low sound?
Please switch on your bluetooth headset using this post: Bluetooth Switch On on Startup and let us know if that works.
For sound volume, go to Settings (as shown in that cited post) -> Sound and see if that helps.

If the sound quality is bad, please see this: HP 14-dk0012ur sound quality problem

Let us know if any of these address your need.

No, it does not find my headphone most of the time, sometimes when it finds it, it says pairing failed

When I had Windows on it the sound was not so audible because the speakers are not powerful.

Please try this: Bluetooth and Mouse

It didn’t work

You need the Device I.D. included with “Connect”. You might open terminal and try

bluetooth -l

See if your device is listed. If it is listed, use that ID after the “connect” command.

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