Bluetooth Headphone

I had issue with connecting my Bluetooth to Zorin, so i followed bellow article

Which broke lots of things.

So not only i am not able to connect the bluetooth mic but also i can't connect to my Bluetooth headphone for audio as well. (Bluetooth issue is related to audio only i have no issues with my Bluetooth mouse)

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You will need pipewire to access the hsf/hpf configuration. For some reason they removed the support from the kernel and only support A2DP. I was in the same boat with my galaxy buds. Pipewire install is simple, but I'd research the configuration first. It can be trying for beginners, i know...i spent a week on this trying to get it to work. I'm not at my computer so can't share the instruction link that got me going. If i remember, when I'm in tomorrow I'll post it here.


If i remember, when I'm in tomorrow I'll post it here.

Would appreciate it, above guide broke my pc so i do not won't to risk twice, prefer verified method.

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You may be able to find the following helpful:


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