Bluetooth Headset Microphone Not Detected

Hello. As the title says, my BT headphone microphone is not detected. I even switched the profile from A2DP to HSP/HFP.

I'm having trouble when having video calls with my boss. I'm using my phone to attend those calls.

My laptop's internal mic is not working so I use my headphones but now I'm having these issues, don't know why.

My BT headphones model: Infinity Tranz 700

What you could do is add a new repository for A2DP:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:berglh/pulseaudio-a2dp

And install this package:
sudo apt-get install -y pulseaudio-modules-bt

Will that enable me to use the headphones microphone even when I'm using the A2DP profile?

I've installed and rebooted my laptop, but I still can't use my headphones mic.

@Aravisian Can you have a look at this?

yes, it should.

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My ego inflated. But...

Let's see if @rumplin has got you covered.

I have the same problem but with Xiaomi Mi True wireless EBs 2 basic

update: I tested this with my previosly working hedphones and they from now
don't show microphone on zorin os

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