Bluetooth is active but no devices can be found

Hello I'm new here and new in Linux/Zorin. I installed Zorin OS on a Toshiba Satellite L50D-C-18J and nearly everything is fine! Only Bluetooth (Realtek 8732BE) do not find any Bluetooth devices. I searched for 2 days for any solution, but nothing worked. Can somebody help me?

Gday @Timmy, Welcome to our community,
Im on my way to bed, but to get started, Tell us a little more about the set up.
Is it dual Boot? Or, running Zorin from a usb stick, ect?

Which Zorin OS ( pro,core,lite)

Note: i may not get back to you, but some one may try helping also, soon as they can.
In the meantime please try the search forum for " blue tooth not connecting ". Something one of the several post may help.
Let us know how your going with the issue :+1:
You may also search the www, searching " blue tooth not connecting Ubuntu",
Zorin is based on Ubuntu, Just better in my opinion.

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Have you installed TLP-UI? If so, reset it to defaults to see if that fixes the problem.

I had a similar issue... it'd just show "Audio Device", "Video Device", etc., rather than the name of the device, and it wouldn't connect to anything.

Come to find out I'd misconfigured TLP-UI somehow. Rather than go through a million iterations to find the problem, given that it was a new installation, I just reinstalled. I didn't install TLP-UI on this computer (the battery SOC can't be controlled, the AMD Radeon GPU can't be controlled... there's little TLP-UI could do for me on this machine), and Bluetooth has been rock-solid thus far.

Thank you for your fast reply!
Zorin OS lite is installed as one and only OS on a internal SSD.

I installed TLP and TLP-UI, bluetooth is activated but don´t find any devices

Sudo modeprobe btus
modprobe: FATAL: Module btus not found in directory /lib/modules/5.15.0-56-generic

What does this mean? What can I do now?

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