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Bluetooth is always off and back on again and again

my bluetooth is always off and back on again and again when it's just turned on. how to fix it?

It may be that PowerSave is inhibiting bluetooth running.

Stolen Image from the Internets:

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And i really thought you gaved pop os a try :joy:, looks almost exactly as wat i have :woozy_face:.

I have... but not today.

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Now we are talking about that screenhot, in that exact same screen where "black screen - 5 minutes is shown"

When i click on that 5 min setting i see 2 times 5 minutes shown there.

Is it possible to remove one ?

Umm... uhh... Can you post a screenshot...?

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I just checked my wifes laptop and she has the same, guess this is a small issue on pops end

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it doesn't affect anything

Please post the terminal output of

sudo lshw -c network

We may need to check the drivers.
Sorry for the long delay, I have been swamped lately.

this is what i get

Interesting... mine is AR9462.
Can you try:

sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/ath9k.conf <<< "options ath9k btcoex_enable=1"

Then reboot and test?

it's still not helping

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