Hi, please help me with this is annoying me, i do have a bluetooth mouse and is paired and working as it should, but after restart the bluetooth for all devicces turn OFF . i have to use the touchpad to turn it ON in the seting. is there any other way to make it stay on ?
please note that it turn all devices with bluetooth OFF.
thaank you

Hold CTRL ALT T to enter terminal.

Type each of these commands and hit enter after each one...

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo systemctl start bluetooth
rfkill unblock bluetooth

This should in theory get your Bluetooth working again at start.

unfortunately did not work is there anything else to try?

The only other thing that I can think of that you can try, involves SNAPS. People are not generally fond of SNAPS in the Linux community. So if you choose to do this, its at your own risk.

In terminal..............

sudo apt update

sudo apt install snapd

sudo snap install bluetooth-autostart

If you have not tried it yet, you could install Blueman and use it instead of built-in Bluetooth settings. I have Bluetooth trackpads (x2) and keyboard controlled by Blueman and they are working as they should.

No. it disconnect it self. thank you anyway, this a serious problem, paying for an OS which have problems with basic things almost everything works with Bluetooth. come on zorin people

You could try Blueman as I posted above.
If it does not work, you can then ask for a help directly from Zorin group since you purchased Zorin 16 Pro.

Installation help is included in the price.

Just send a reply to the email you have received when you purchased the Zotin 16 Pro.

thank you i will try to contact them

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AS I said I did ask zorin poeple for help and they offered me some commands but they did not works, in the endd i just swapped the bluetooth mouse for wired one thank you anyway.

In the future, don't be afraid to try out another bluetooth mouse. I am using a bluetooth mouse with my Zorin machine, but the Zorin machine don't have a bluetooth adapter inside.

I am using the Logitech MX Master 3...

Logitech mice come with USB dongles they call Logi's. So with this puppy plugged in, I can use this mouse.

Also, then all I have to do is install the Solaar APP, and I get full functionality with these mice.

I could go for wireess mouse with dongle reeciver but i went for bluetooth mouse instannde for having less cord and freeing the Usb port since i have only 3. thanks

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