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I am using an iMac to run Zorin OS16 with XFCE (thanks to Aravisian). Before I switched to XFCE I had paired up a bluetooth speaker, which is still working fine. I want to install a bluetooth mouse but cannot find a bluetooth app or interface to do this? I was looking for it in the top panel next to wireless but it is not there. Can anyone advise me where to look. I have seen in previous topics that Blueman is recommended but I cannot find that in the Software Store and Synaptic gives the following message:

Thanks in advance for any help.

Can you issue the following commands first?

sudo apt update

sudo apt upgrade

Hi, Thanks for the reply. I am doing those commands now in Terminal.


I now have to do some running arounds.
Might take some time to reply.
Do not get alarmed :slight_smile:

No Rush thank you. Appreciate the help as always.

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Have you installed Blueman? I only use blueman on XFCE builds.

Hi Aravasian, I cannot find it in the Software store and Synaptic does not have it either (see initial screenshot at start of topic).

I can only assume my bluetooth speaker got connected while I was in Gnome (before the switch to XFCE) as it is clearly functioning ok and shows up in Pulse Audio when I switch it on. I just cannot find a way to pair a new device. Bluez was listed in the terminal when FrenchPress suggested I do an update and upgrade but I see no app in the Applications folder.

You can install it easily with

sudo apt install blueman

Ok thanks. Tried that but no joy.

Is it worth getting from here and, if so, do I need tar.gx or tar.xz?

uh... Huh?!
Blueman is in the focal repository. I just checked.

Can you please open Software & Updates
Then look to Download from and tell me which server you are on?

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Can you change that to Main Server.

Then in terminal run

sudo apt update && sudo apt install blueman


I changed the server and then restarted the computer. Once it restarted I put your command into a terminal and attach a screenshot of the negative result.

Is it worth ticking the two categories not selected in the Software and Updates screenshot above?

This is how mine looks like.
You do not need a source code but a community supported repository might help:
Screenshot from 2021-11-24 20-03-15

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Yeah... the uhh... the Universe one might do it...

(Wanders off looking sheepish)

But Stick to Main Server!




That has done it thank you FrenchPress and Aravisian. I appreciate the help yet again.


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