Bluetooth speaker connection

Hey Aravisian! I've been trying to follow your steps but haven't had much success.

I've searched other places but had no joy getting to auto connect and fix the delay.

Any chance you could give some screenshots of the autostart steps please?

I'm very new to Linux and I already prefer it over Windows but still lots to learn.

Thanks in advance,


Rather than necromancing :skull_and_crossbones: the thread from last year, I created a new thread for your question. :star2:

Hassan, please install blueman if you have not already:

sudo apt install blueman

Once complete, restart.
Then after logging in, open the App menu and search for blueman (It may show as Bluetooth manager.)

Check if your speaker is listed in the visible devices while your speaker is Powered On and in pairing mode. If you need, you can click Adapter then search.

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I of course second that, I like the Blueman, Blueman is excellent, and should really be the default Bluetooth Manager for Zorin OS.

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