Blurred Taskbar?


How can we get a blurred taskbar? ...It's is SO elegant and sleek to have something like Windows 11. I believe that Zorin really deserves this feature built-in.

But for now, is there a good way to have it blurred??

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Welcome to the forum, Salah. I hope that you will continue to participate going forward.

I'm not clear about what you mean by "a blurred taskbar", but I am going to assume that you mean something like this, which is a screen cut of part of my Windows 11 desktop:


If that is what you mean, the "blur" is actually a transparency setting. To adjust Taskbar transparency in Zorin 16 Core:

(1) Right-click on the Taskbar;
(2) From the menu that opens, select "Taskbar Settings";
(3) From the menu that opens ("Zorin Taskbar"), select the "Style" tab;
(4) On the "Style" menu, turn "Override panel theme background opacity" to "On";
(5) Adjust "Panel background opacity (%)" to your liking.

If you are thinking of something else when you refer to "blurred taskbar", let us know and we will try to help.


Hi tomscharbach,

Thank you for your reply. Actually, I mean exactly this :slight_smile:

I did it with this extension:
But it's buggy! So I'm looking for a way to do it properly with no issues.

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You could try turning off the Gnome extension and adjusting the in-built Taskbar transparency using Zorin 16 (see above) rather than Gnome Extensions.

From Zorin:

The Zorin OS 16 desktop is now more customizable than ever, thanks to new settings for the taskbar and panel. Simply right-click on the taskbar to access the Taskbar Settings, where you can now:

  • Move the panel to the left or right side of the screen, in addition to the top and bottom
  • Set the panel’s transparency and size
  • Display the panel on multiple monitors
  • Show/hide and move the panel’s buttons and indicators
  • Choose to only display taskbar icons for apps running on the current workspace or monitor
  • Change the behavior when clicking or scrolling on app icons in the taskbar
  • Show/hide window previews and tooltips when hovering over taskbar app icons
  • Automatically show/hide the panel intelligently

I've been using the in-built transparency settings for months and no bugs. I use the Windows 11 background on both Windows 11 and Zorin 16 Core, and the two look identical when the Zorin Taskbar is set to about 65%-70% opacity.

It might be that Gnome Extensions' transparency is buggy because it is in conflict with Zorin 16's in-built transparency. I've never used Gnome Extensions, so I don't have an opinion about that issue.

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