/boot du -h, what's supposed to be in there?

In Terminal, if you type:
cd /boot
du -h
... it shows the /boot directory usage.

Mine only shows:

du -h
5.5K	./grub
9.5K	./efi/grub
10K		./efi
128M	.

Is that everything that's supposed to be in there for a SecureBoot setup on a UEFI system?

I'm seeing others online post stuff like:

du -h
3.4M	./grub/x86_64-efi
2.3M	./grub/fonts
8.0M	./grub
3.4M	./efi/grub/x86_64-efi
2.3M	./efi/grub/fonts
8.0M	./efi/grub
21M		./efi/EFI/ubuntu/fw
25M		./efi/EFI/ubuntu
3.7M	./efi/EFI/BOOT

... and while I've not purposefully deleted anything under /boot, I wonder if some things did somehow get deleted.

I've been working through the dpkg list of installed packages and removing stuff I know I won't use (and which won't bork my installation due to dependencies when it's removed)... so I've got a fully-functioning Zorin OS taking only 5.15 GB of hard drive space. I'm wondering if I somehow scalpeled a bit too much out.

If the dependencies made any semblance of sense, I could cut out a few additional hundreds of MB. For instance, I found that when attempting to remove one particular font, the dependency tree also caused apt to want to remove BlueTooth functionality. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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The dependencies may drive you crazy, as another user of the forum has pointed out. You can always take note of the other packages being removed and use a reinstall command right behind the remove command (ex. sudo apt remove microsoft-fonts && sudo apt install bluetooth-pkg as i said, an example for formatting.... use the package names listed in apt).

Zorin is a customization of Ubuntu. It makes sense that some of those files will not be in /boot. This is one directory you shouldn't mess with unless you are sure you understand what you are doing. In your effort to minimize the footprint of the OS, do some research into what you are attempting to remove, understand the implications and consequences of your actions and backup before every removal that effects system files.

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