Boot Error Warning

Hey guys then in my boot process
the following message appears to me

error: file ‘/usr/share/grub/themes/zorin/the.txt’ not found
Press any key to continue …

how to fix this?

Interesting. That file should be

If you would like to fix it, you can open your file manager from terminal using pkexec

pkexec nautilus


pkexec thunar

Navigate to /usr/share/grub/themes/zorin/ and you will see “the.txt”
Right click it and select 'rename"
name it to “theme.txt”
exit out and reboot to ensure everything works.

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failed to put this command does not open


unable to connect

I tried to open nautilus as admin and I didn’t find this folder

I don’t know what happened to keep showing this message when I boot the system

Between both of those issues, I definitely believe that your installation is corrupted.
I do not believe that this can be repaired. Because given that a file was incorrectly named and Nautilus is botched, even if you fixed those two issues, there may be many more that you do not yet know about. Some of them may be in binary files or shared object files which you cannot access.
I can only suggest that you download a new copy and check the md5sum then reinstall.

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I managed to fix the GRUB-PC was broken,
the package manager Synaptic, accused the dependencies that were corrupted.
Soon I marked for reinstallation and restarted the laptop and the error didn’t appear anymore!

These were the dependencies that were missing. Anyway problem solved!

Good to hear. But I am still concerned. Those things Should NOT have been missing on a new installation. There may be more wrong and more things missing.

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So I believe that I damaged it myself, I’m new to Linux so I’m learning some commands and testing on my real machine.

The right thing was for this learning to be in a virtual environment… But it is solved, I know I learned a lot and I already broke the system a few times :sweat_smile:, there are many cool stories !!

Oh, I have done the same… Many times… including a couple days ago…

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