Boot help on start

Like you know i am usin g both linux distribution Zorin and MInt.
When i trying choose ubuntu on start i have only 2 names "ubuntu".
How i know on start boot which one is MInt and which one is Zorin?
Where i can changed that name to know which one is Zorin or Mint?

That is odd.
When I boot, the name that shows is Zorin.
If you check your /etc/default/grub file, it should show that the command used to retrieve the distributor name is lsb_release -i -s

GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR=`lsb_release -i -s 2> /dev/null || echo Debian`

In /etc/lsb-release, you should see:


That not help or i something doing wrong.

@Aravisian wasn't telling you to go in and alter that file. And if you do alter that file you need to update grub after making changes.

He was pointing out that Zorin should have been listed in the Grub menu in the first place. Mine says Zorin not Ubuntu as well. So in the past you must have made changes that corrupted your Grub menu.

But if you make changes to that file or anything changing grub, you need to run
sudo update-grub

You can also google rename grub boot entries and see if any of the numerous ways works.

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After changing something in grub is sudo update-grub what i done but nothing was changed.
Using that guide.

We propably missunderstanding i asking on boot when i click F11 to choose hard disk. Not boot grub where we can choose what kind installation operating system we want.
There Zorin recognize linux mint with a name Vanessa 21 but not with W7.

Yes, it does appear to be so...
I have no idea how your manufacturer motherboard reads the Operating system.

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On my BIOS start up screen it is listed as Ubuntu but on my Asus start screen mine is listed as Zorin

Yeah they are two diffrent zone bios and Asus start.

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