Boot issue - is it me, the device or Zorin?

Just trying to breathe life into an ACER Aspire ES1-132 which has a eMMC 32GB card built in and is the only disc available. I load Zorin from my USB and install it. All seems to go well, but on reboot - no bootable drive. I have tried a number of times with secure boot on/off and still nothing. Attached is the boot-repair report of the latest attempt. Any pointers to a fix or to a resource to help me find a fix would be most welcome.

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This is where the trouble is. eMMC is notoriously tricky with Linux and there are those who firmly believe it can never really work. The conflict with eMMC and Linux is pretty well documented.
If you run a duck or google search for emmc Ubuntu, you should get a lot of immediate hits about installation.
Here, where I am, it is after 3am and I quite literally glanced at the screen before sinking into a deep death for what time remains of the night; but hopefully others will assist or I will resurrect and be back to torment the forum later.


Knowing the difficulty of installing Linux on eMMC, I was wondering if it is possible to replace eMMC with SSD.

I found this tear-down photo.

I am afraid I could not see any header for installing SSD :frowning:
Hopefully others on this forum could find you another solution.

That is very ligical and I had been down that route. The overall design has a cavity for an SSD, but the connector is not included, so there is this 4-pin attachment I would need to find something for. I am actually leaning towards just having a USB sticking out of the side and seeing if I can run a linux on that. Then I just got to get a small USB stick that doesn't risk getting knocked at all

Many thanks - looking at ignoring the eMMC and trying a 'permanent' USB solution.

That makes sense. Please remember, though, that a USB port is a bottleneck through which all data must transfer.

Thanks for the detailed photo.
From my quick research, those 4 pins has no specific functions in a daily use. I think the solid blocks shown on the right of these pins are where SATA connector supposed to be.
There seemes to be no way to convert this system from eMMC to SATA storage.

I have been using USB key installed MXLinux on my RasPi4. It is quite usable for speed and stability.

The guy that invented emmc has to be arrested. Linux should be the go-to for notebook, but windows and emmc successfully crushing the dream

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