Boot partition location πŸ‘’πŸ‘’

Seeing this image of Gparted by @formally_dressed:

I checked my bare metal Windows 10 installation.

To my surprise, I have a boot partition at the end of disk.
Windows was installed in a default mode.

On the other hand, all my Linux installations have a boot partition at the beginning of the disk.

Has anyone noticed such thing?

According to @337harvey , the efi bootloader can be anywhere on the disk. I always believed it had to be first on thedisk.

Yes, that my understanding.
Boot partition is like a subwoofer, it can locates anywhere in the room and still works :wink:

But I have been believing until today, that a boot partition always locates at the beginning of the disk. That was a big surprise.

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We are so accustomed to seeing the bootloader at the front because of the MBR style disks before GPT. Out of tradition, most OEM manufactures still place the bootloader at the front of the disk.

Either way it hurts nothing and is functional. The problem becomes when it's in the middle of the disk and you have to delete it in order to move or resize other partitions. Since you don't have that issue you should be alright no matter what you decide to do.


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