Boot stuck on dev/sda2, clean

Can get grub> by holding escape during load- what then? Cannot get to terminal. Running 15.3 on a Star Lite labtop.

Hello GunnarBerg!

Question? Is this a fresh install of Zorin OS 15.3 LITE?

If so, did you double check the SHA256 checksum on the ISO that you downloaded? If the answer is yes, and the ISO passed integrity check....

Question 2, did you burn the ISO to an old well used USB stick or a new one, or barely used? I ask this cause well used USB sticks basically die after many writes.

Question 3, is SECURE BOOT and FAST BOOT disabled in the BIOS? Those must be disabled before a BOOT into and INSTALL of Zorin OS can happen.

Also, it would be helpful to post the model of your notebook, so we can get more information on your awesomely named StarLab notebook.


StarLabs computers come with Zorin OS pre-installed.

Once you get to grub by either tapping or holding (Tapping seems to work better) either esc or left shift key, you should be able to see Advanced Options for Zorin.
Or, in the recovery menu, you should be able to arrow key down to Drop to Prompt.
Drop to Prompt will bring up a terminal console. For some functions, you may need to first Enable networking in the Recovery Menu prior to moving to Drop to Prompt.

What purpose are you trying to get to the Terminal Prompt at boot? Is there another issue you are solving?

@Aravisian OP thread title is "Boot stuck..." so I guess that is the problem he is trying to solve.
(Like me, it is easy to skim read the title or dive straight into the thread)

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No, this my wifes's Star Lite labtop and had been running flawlessly, but she only uses it sporadically and skips updating usually, so it may be that the update cache was full- at least that's a possibility. She was initially able to get to a terminal to run a clean command, but now only dev/sda2, clean xxx of xxx appears. By hitting ESC on boot I get a fuzzed out Zorin splash and there is a list of commands to run at grub>, but it's white text on light blue background, so they are unreadable. That's where I'm stuck.

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