Bootloader not installing on Zorin OS bootloader partition

couple of days ago I installed Zorin OS on an external hard drive. The problem I have is that I can't boot Zorin from any pc but only from my pc where bootloader for Zorin is on. During the installation of Zorin I created a 550 MB partition for the bootloader, then I selected it so the bootloader can be installed on it. After the installation was done the bootloader was installed on my SSD where Windows is on. This doesn't make any sense since I didn't touch SSD when I was creating partitions for Zorin.
Is there any way I can install new bootloader on unused EFI partition on Zorin disk or move it from SSD to external hard drive somehow?

Hello BubbA:

It is possible to move the grub location from the boot repair program. I think this would have to be done using the live installation medium when the drives are unmounted. This can be done manually also, but I can't aid with that operation.

I too have dual disk setup(internal) and had the win 10/11 ssd disconnected when Zorin was installed on the other drive. My research indicated that I might experience the same problem if I didn't. A screen-shot of disk management may help so others here can see what your partition table looks like.

Here is the screenshot of Zorin OS drive. As you can see I created efi partition for the bootloader but it's unused.

Did you install in legacy or uefi ? I'm in efi so it looks like this.

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