Hey guys I don't know in which drug i have taken but i delete my bootloader now my computer is not opening what can i do

In the system category of the app menu, have you tried boot repair?

You can create a new boot partition, then run sudo update-grub from recovery menu after booting into Zorin OS recovery mode.

Hey don't worry in time ol' age will take care of that ..... I do silly stuff on my computer ALL the time .... latest was I deleted or changed something on my browser and had to reinstall it as I couldn't close the browser when finished ..... had to go to the taskbar each time and choose "close" from there ..... :sob:


Hey if i install a full flashed new os like zorin os core or Garuda Linux will it be a problem
I have backup of all data except some big filies so i only want that then i can install new os

If you have backed up all your essential data and the big files are not essential, then yes you can run a live .iso to test before installing.

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There is a very straightforward way of solving this and similar grub problems: Super Grub2 Disk

Load it on a stick - this works equally well with a live CD - select problem OS, load terminal from desktop and enter:

sudo grub-install /dev/sdX
sudo update-grub
sudo reboot

X = your drive letter

Everything will be normal again after the reboot.

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If you can read, this is self explanatory.

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