Bottles application is stuck at creating a new bottle profile

I am using Zorin OS 16 Lite and I have installed "Bottles" to use some windows software. when I click the "Create a New Bootle" and enter a name for it and hit "Create" , It is stuck as shown below with "Setting Windows Version" and it is not proceeding further.

Suspect it is a flatpak issue. Have you tried using Wine instead? Better yet if you have a valid Windows Licence, use Virtual Machine Manager and install Windows instead - but not for gaming!

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Thanks, I initially gave up trying with Wine because the first application I tried was not able to install properly. This time I tried with a another one and it's working. Came to know only some applications were compatible with Wine.

You will also learn that only 32-bit applications can run in wine, even though there is a 64-bit package - confusing!

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