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Ok but I need a solution for these removing these errors, as well as removing that Zorin grub menu that keeps needlessly showing up everytime I boot my computer on Ubuntu 20.04

Can I do this without installing any software and only just use the terminal command?

Yes, scroll down the page to get what you want to do. If dual booting you won't be able to boot into Windows anymore if you do hide GRUB:

I have just recently tried this but it did not work?

Is there anything else I can try to do to solve this issue?

Please be sure to include meaningful information that can help troubleshoot.
Snap a photo if needed to catch the error or describe what happened that something "did not work" as best you can.
Vague and very open hints make it very hard to know where to begin.

If @Luca_Pavan is correct in the Guess:

you may be able to just use the grub parameter loglevel=3

You can apply this by using:

Add the parameter so that it looks just like:

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash loglevel=3"

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What is the most recommended way to install Zorin OS without any issues or errors?
I am still havings issues with my OS today...

If you take your time and ensure you read through the material, any tutorial should get you there. I personally like the something else method, even wrote a tut on it, Partition & Install. Read it, reread it, ask about it then install.

What I now will be doing is delete and then reinstall Zorin OS, I will not be partitioning to install Zorin.

I think I need another way...

Whether you partition or allow the installer to, it has to be done for the OS to be stored on the drive. In something else you can customize the installation if you choose. The installer will make one large partition and a small EFI. Partitioning can't be avoided.

So basically, I have to partition my SSD to install Zorin even if I only have 1 OS in it?

Either you do it or the installer will.

A partition is a container. It's a certain area of the hard drive mapped specifically for the OS on it. The OS needs to know where it's boundaries are in order to allocate space for all of its components, including your user directory and all the files you will potentially have.

Hard disks and SSD's do not have unlimited space. So partitions let the OS know where their space stops. Without them, dual boot wouldn't be possible without multiple physical drives.

Each OS is placed in a partition. Even if that partition takes up the entire drive.

The installer will make at least 2 partitions. One for the boot files (EFI) and the other for the OS.

If I delete the OS I currently have & then reinstall it again via USB drive, what partitions do I have to make on my SSD if it is the ONLY OS installed onto it?

The installer will create the two partitions I mentioned above.

If you choose the something else method and create a separate home partition (useful for saving configurations and files between installs) as outlined in Partition & Install you will need three.

If you choose to hibernate your computer, you will need a fourth. All of it is preference and how you want to customize the installation.

The way I want it - is for my SSD to only have Zorin as it's only OS and installed via USB C port without it having to show any error logins or the Zorin grub menu.

How can I make that happen?

The grub menu will show, even if only for a second or two. You can accomplish this by changing the grub timeout to 3seconds. While it's not ideal, it is necessary to keep the grub menu available for recovery and troubleshooting.

The installer will do what you ask, without any additional configuration needed by you.

When I first installed Zorin back in January, it has been showing that error log ever since and can't I get rid of the Zorin grub menu manually?

In etc/default/grub is GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE set to hidden?

If it is set to hidden and you are still seeing the grub menu, then that means you have a defunct EFI entry in your EFI partition.
You can check with the boot manager. Please run


and post the output here.

This is what my Zorin OS grub menu looks like

When I reinstall Zorin, how do I manually remove this grub menu or at least not have to wait several seconds for it to boot up Zorin OS?

You are focusing on the X - Y problem. You are focusing on your attempted solution rather than your actual problem .
Please see here:

This answers the question and addresses your actual Problem. You have said that you are not dual booting - yet your Grub Menu shows that you have a Windows OS bootloader. That is the reason that the grub menu is showing up and that is the problem we need to solve.

So, following that course:
Please run


and post the output here.