Broken packages and other problems

I have a series of problems, which I would be very grateful if you could help me to solve them:

  1. I have a broken package: xdg-desktop-portal.
    Is there any way to fix it?
  2. Also, sometimes I get indications that there are several files that are not needed, so I am suggested to use sudo apt autoremove to remove them. However, the last time I did this I had files deleted which then affected my Nvidia video card driver, any suggestions?
  3. As I am having a birthday, I decided to treat myself to a present and purchased the game Diablo 4. But, when I try to install it through Lutris (application through which I have been able to run several Windows games), it tells me that it is a Windows only game and will not allow me to play it. This is very striking to me, as I previously tested the beta of Diablo 4 and had no problems.
    Thank you very much

Try 'sudo apt install -f' or 'sudo apt install --fix-broken' and see if that removes broken packages.

Had this happen, twice, so far. For that, all I had to do was go back into the 'additional drivers' section in software and updates and just re-install the Nvidia driver - for me, 535. After the last time it hasn't happened again.

The game, probably not any help but - have you enabled win support in Software? Should install Play on Linux as well, might help. Lutris is unknown for me; I've only used Steam in Zorin, and force played Halo Infinite lol worked. Have you also tried running just with Wine, no Lutris?

And Happy Birthday!

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the sudo apt autoremove command is a good command to use, but should be used with caution and good observation. The terminal tells you what it is going to remove - so always, always scan the list before just typing in y and hitting enter.

The reason that autoremove can remove essential system files sometimes:
Autoremove only removes additional packages that are installed automatically (thus the auto part of auto remove)
if following after (at any time) that you intentionally removed a package that autoinstalled those packages as dependencies.

Due to this, you almost always can predict when autoremove may give you a headache, thereby avoiding said headache.

This is a strange one...

Have you installed zorin-windows-app-support?

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