Browser upload from network drive not working

Hi all,

I finally switched to ZorinOS on my main PC, but some things are not working as expected. First thing I need help with: I often upload files via browser from my network share. This is currently not working (No error message, just nothing happens after clicking on the file).
Is there any setting missing?


Which broswwer do you use? And how did you install it as (.deb/flat/snap)?

For example: Brave - From store

You have to check if it's set to ZorinOS(.deb), flatpak or snap in store. Applications that runs in flat and snap runs in sandboxes and can't get access to the system. You need to install it as a .deb.

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It's installed as flatpak. But upload from local folders is possible?!

It depends how the permissiom is set. You could try toy with its permission with "Flatseal".