Browsers don't show thumbnail preview on file upload menu

I am running zorin 15, 16 and I have a problem with jpg,png thumbnails not appearing on the file upload menu when I try to upload some images to a website.

Nautilus works without a problem

Can you help me please?

In Nautilus file manager, Click the Hamburger Icon on the Upper Right side of the Titlebar / Headerbar and select "Preferences" from the Drop Down menu.
In the Preferences window, select the "Search & Preview" tab.
Under Thumbnails, move to only for files smaller than: and increase that size to match your average largest Size of your images. Or just set it huge like 200megabytes.
You may need to log out and in to test.

Thank you for your willingness to help. I have set to max 4096Mb. Unfortunately, thumbnails are still not visible in the web browser. Thank you

Hmmm... I am not sure. The Browser upload taps into the File Manager to provide the window for choosing the file. Let me look into this further and perhaps another user more knowledgeable may offer a solution, as well.

Are you using Firefox Browser?
Searching on this issue, I have found that Firefox sets its own preview image size limit.
I am not certain if other browsers do as well... But I just tested this on a Chromium based browser using Nemo File manager and had no issues at all.
Even with large Files.

Unfortunately, the differences in web search engines are almost identical.
For Firefox

For chrom

Can't there be a problem with using Nautilus?
Thank you

For me, it shows the preview for jpeg and png, but not webp images. But I think that's the expected behavior because of the format?

Maybe. You could try testing using a different file manager just to see for sure...

I've tried, unfortunately I don't know how to change priorities. Nautilus is set as the default. When uploading files via a web browser, a window from Nautilus will launch. Is it possible to change that?

Not that I know of- and I have tried before. I think it is because I am on Zorin OS Lite that I am having such a different experience than you are.
The thumbnail preview only appears if you Click On the line of the Image...
Is it possible that you are not doing so and expecting to see previews immediately?

You are right, the thumbnail will appear when you click on the line. I expect an immediate thumbnail. When selecting from 300 photos, you cannot click one at a time and search. Do you have instant thumbnails on your zorin lite OS?

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No, I do not. It appears if I click the line.
However, from that point, I then use the up / down arrow keys to fly through them.

I agree with you- it is not the most efficient way of doing it...
Even using gnome-sushi would give individual larger view on hover.

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