Budget laptop recommendation



Speaking of bricks, I have run into my fair share with my work laptops (dell). In a year I had two replacements because the fans were bad. The IT guys told me they’ve had complaints about that. Nothing more - not that management is taking any action. So, why shouldn’t vendors continue to dump garbage on companies? An individual buyer is much more likely to complain. And since corporates own most of the computers, buying used means a higher probability of ending up with a corporate machine. My long-winded reason.

On a slightly unrelated note, I was told by IT, twice, that Windows is more secure than Linux. With professionals having such knowledge, it is no surprise that some of the first-time posters ask the questions they do.

The dell work laptop I once had, could definitely be used also as a room heater. It was uncomfortable to rest your hand on the case when using the keyboard. It was built like a brick though. Maybe one of those electric storage heaters that are full of bricks.


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