#BUG: broken panel and bar plugins missed in Zorin OS Lite

Hi guy’s, i see this unexpected behavior in the panel and i wanted to report. Some two times the panel “restart” for self and after this some plugins on right gone. Is need log out to restore the plugins.

If this occurs, you can restart the panel with alt+F2

xfce4-panel -r

In the meantime, you might check for errors:

xfce4-panel -q

PANEL_DEBUG=1 xfce4-panel

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Hi Aravisian, thanks for the tip and thank you for your willingness to help, i will do it if this situation happend next time.

In my terminal i have this return. Some to worry?

Again, thanks for your support! You are awesome

Everything looks fine there. I see some minor warnings due to deprecated items from the system theme and that is nearly unavoidable these days…
Maybe xfdesktop is the culprit.
Do you have a ~/.cache/upstart/startxfce4.log?

I don’t have … But after a few updates the crash stopped happening. Apparently everything is fine!

Well, that is good. It may have been a previous update that did not complete or had a brief loss of connection- that was corrected by the next update.
I guess a note to us all- One of the first things to try in troubleshooting is to

sudo apt update

sudo apt upgrade

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