BUG REPORT: exfat: Deprecated parameter 'namecase'

This was a bug originally found by none other than Linus Torvalds!

There's a patch in that discussion thread. I'm not sure if it's been brought into the Ubuntu codebase, likely not, as I'm seeing it.

Reading the responses in that bug report, I found where a person complained about having to maintain something "so old."

I am quoting portions of Linus Torvalds response to that complaint:

The rules about regressions have never been about any kind of
documented behavior, or where the code lives.
The rules about regressions are always about "breaks user workflow".
Users are literally the only thing that matters.

...no, "that was documented to be broken" (whether it's because the
code was in staging or because the man-page said something else) is
irrelevant. If staging code is so useful that people end up using it,
that means that it's basically regular kernel code with a flag saying
"please clean this up".
The other side of the coin is that people who talk about "API
stability" are entirely wrong. API's don't matter either. You can make
any changes to an API you like - as long as nobody notices.
Again, the regression rule is not about documentation, not about
API's, and not about the phase of the moon.
It's entirely about "we caused problems for user space that used to work".

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