Bug: Screenshot

How to produce this bug:
Just do sceenshot command, Since Macbook air doesn't has a print button, so I assign one on shortcut. When I executed the command, the screen freeze a second, then choppy reload the screen, Not sure if it works, then I checked the Pictures folder, it shows that the command works, but there's another problem, The screenshot file is there, something like "Screenshot from 2021-04-30 14-56-27.png" is there, but it weight 0kb, and cannot be opened by any viewer program. Anyone know why?

My system:
Zorin Core 15.3
Macbook Air 13" mid 2013
Dual boot

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Do you also get a 0kb screenshot file created when you use the Screenshot app from Zorin Menu to perform the capture?
The filename and format look correct, but looks like it is not capturing anything.
You have Z15.3 Core I believe, so Ubuntu 18.04 searches may find something. Have you seen this item: Taking screenshots with Mac keyboard - Ask Ubuntu

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Ah, manually by application can do, but the flickering is still there. Also, this time it has a dialog "copy to clipboard" or to save with name. By doing shortcut, it has none of that.

but still, it is a bug of the shortcut print screen, not the application. It might be a temporally solution for the print screen bug.

Still maybe worth you looking at that link I posted above. It starts off referring to very old version of Ubuntu, but I believe remains valid.
Although I am on PC not Mac, I have a shortcut to the Screenshot app pinned to my taskbar.

Another search and I have found this, which includes Mac key shortcut possibilities: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/mea8kb/how_do_i_take_a_screenshot/