Building Zorin OS 16 Pro from Source

Can I build Zorin OS 16 Pro from Source?

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I think you actually can't, I don't see the Zorin Apprearance app on there Git Hub. Trust me man, I tried to run Zorin Os but arch before and it was a nightmare because Zorin Os don't use the latest Gnome Enviorment. I mean you ca get it there with a load of extensions like Dash to panel, Arc Menu, Don't show drop down arows and add the Zorin Os themes with Gnome Tweaks

Zorin Os Github Page:

Install Gnome Tweaks:
sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

From Source? I wouldn't go to that much trouble. An easier solution would be to install Zorin OS 16 Core. Then, install all the apps that come with Pro. You must install a few extra gnome-extensions, and theme in the Mac OS Style layout if you want it. It's not a major undertaking, though a bit tedious.
I do not have a handy list of all the applications that come with Pro, though I am sure that others have one.


If you want PRO, then buy PRO, burn it to a thumbdrive, then boot off of drive. You can then install it. As long as the download is checksum verified, and you have secure booth disabled, you should have no issues.

I have tried to do that technique that you are talking about with a piece of software, and it didn't work out for me, and I want no part of that build to install junk anymore, total waste of my time with no reward.

Now, I do like installation of software via PPA's, that has been successful for me, that usually works great as long as software is in the REPO. And even if its not, a REPO can be added.

But I think in an effort to prevent piracy, since that has lately been a big deal lately, Zorin can't afford to use that method you speak of, as there would be no way to prevent people from downloading without paying.

I think there is a difference between a user making his own build of Zorin OS "Pro" and piracy.
Users have been turning Zorin Core into a clone of Zorin OS Ultimate since day one that Ultimate was introduced.
The ZorinGroup specifically builds The Pro or Ultimate Versions in a way that users can emulate. It's part of why pirating it is such an absurdity.

Zorin OS Ultimate or Pro has always been a way of supporting Development (as well as professional assembly of all the packages), not buying something.
Even though this has been known for years, the number of users choosing Zorin OS Ultimate or Zorin OS Pro has continued to grow.

The ZorinGroup has been working on Zorin 16 Development without a proper day off since last Christmas. They had finally taken a small sabbatical after releasing Zorin OS 16 r1.
This is why Developers Should Be Paid For Their Work And Time.

But not without results: What it also means is that Zorin OS 16's release was like Grand Central Station on the servers.
Users will continue to build their own versions of Pro... I mean, in a way, you could say I have been doing so if your definition is loose enough, since I remove a lot of packages and add a lot of packages and looks, that it does not resemble Base Zorin at all by the time I am done with it.
And users will continue to be impressed with Zorin OS and choosing Pro in the future.

Free Open Source: It's FOSS, baby.

I asked my parent would they let me spend $39 USD (RM120 - Malaysian Currency). They replied angrily and told me they have no money to spend, the lockdown affected my parent's business alot, they told me I should be grateful I still have a roof above my head.

This is true. Covid-19 affected my work heavily.

Fortunately, Zorin OS is always Free.

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My parents are basically quarreling everyday due to the pandemic, financial decisions, housing, bills and politics in Malaysia.

I am really sorry to hear that Kedric. The pandemic has effected many of us, all over the world infact. Nobody has been safe from the pandemic unless they live on an island in the middle of the ocean, completely cutoff from mainlanders lol.

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Since this Pro version is a form of donation to the developer, I think you'd better wait till the time when you are earning your own money. Using parents' money to donate sounds strange to me.

In reality, there is not much difference between Core and Pro versions. It is like a fancy options for your new car which still runs great without options.

Just tell us, which functions you'd like to add to your Core version. We will gladly help you :slight_smile:

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I don't need anything anyways, I use the default

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If you like a default setting, GNOME is a great desktop :wink:

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