Buy zorin 16 pro what will happen to the 17

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Question I would like to buy the 16 pro, but I have an question if in the couple months the 17 one coming out I have to buy the 17 pro too ?

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When you purchase Zorin 16, all point updates (such as 16.1, 16.2, etc) will be free. But the major version up like Zorin 17 requires a new licence.


Zorin 17 will not be coming out in a couple of months. Zorin 17 would not be released for another year and a half or so.


Since Zorin is based on the stable version of Ubuntu, major new release comes out every 2 years.

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Hmm I understand thank you

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Hey there,

Ubuntu 22.04 is about to be released in around two months. Are there any chances that there will be a Zorin 16.1 version based on it?

No, Zorin OS 16 Point releases will follow the same base as the current Zorin OS 16.
Zorin OS 17 may be based on Ubuntu 22.04.

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Typo? Think you meant 22.04 not 20.04 which is Z16.

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Hi everyone!

The biggest gripe for me is not the price (yeah, I pay in euros).
What really gets my goat is the lack of an in-line upgrade (at this point in time).

I happily pay for 17 Pro to support the devs when it is released, but having to do a reinstall......

Now, that annoys me %&#, pardon my French.


It will be about another two years before 17 is released. Now that all of the versions of 16 are released, the devs will be focusing on direct upgrades as well as 17 and what they add in the manner of features.

If you back up your home folder (where the majority of your configuration settings and customizations are stored) it will be a matter of os, reinstall software (since the new version will be a different repo) and restore the home folder. This takes maybe forty five minutes and is not as much a pain as you think.

This is all a while away. The forum will still be here then in case you need assistance. And you don't know if the upgrade feature will be available... the devs have heard people requesting this. We will have to wait and see if they are able to provide it and how well it works.

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Yeah, the backup, reinstall, restore path is always an option.

I just hope that the devs, when 17 arrives have a solution for "pop in the ISO, hit upgrade, have a coffee!" :smile: ...I'm lazy!


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