Bypassing grub menu

i installed a newer kernel and attempted to reboot my pc. I now cannot pass the grub menu. when i type boot it says i need to load kernel first and im stuck. i cant boot into zorin os anymore. please help

Please follow these steps to enter the Advanced Options for Zorin.
You do not need to proceed to the Recovery Menu.
Instead, once you see the Advanced Options screen, you should see a list of the Kernels you have installed on Zorin OS.
Select the Last Known Working Kernel using your arrow keys and the enter key.

Once booted, you can remove or troubleshoot the newer kernel.

i am not given the normal menu. i dont have advanced options for zorin as a choice. im stuck in minimal bash screen

Hmmm... I see.
Type exit at that screen and please take a photo or relay in print the message it gives.
I suspect you may have to run fsck.

i typed exit and it booted to windows

That, I did not expect...
Well, though we have not confirmed it, please follow the steps outlined here:

Updating the kernel is super risky. It could lead to issues like this or even make your PC unbootable. Just wanted to point that out.

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