Cable PSU 3,4,5 gen

Good Morning everyone again.
I checked on some hardware peripherals cable kit and I saw they are some diffrents cable? I mean I saw generation 3,4 and 5.
The generations cable are for PCI- Express 3 and 4 or for GPU with modern newer graphic cards. I reading also some cable generation have some sensors.
That sensors are usable in Zorin linux or any distribution?

Also beware of the lengths as well.

Yes. I saw on some PSU people connected cable psu with a cable rgb for "cool".
I don't liked that.
The one guy sayed a PSU modular is for people who want a colours a cable.
Corsair PSU what i know are ok and have some cable kit.
Example here.
My PSU is wrote for Corsair RM850e V2 (ATX3.0) Strømforsyning (PSU) - 850 Watt - 120 mm - 80 Plus Gold sertifisert.
I am wondering what is that ATX3.0 for some type cable or gpu propably.

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