Camera/microphone disable/enable switch

Somebody may have already posted about this (see here), but inspired by my live session in Fedora, I would like a button to easily enable/disable the camera and microphone in the privacy settings.

When I was using Windows, I had a special app that does exactly that.

I use the function combination to disable them. You may want to check if they exist in your keyboard (if it's a laptop). You may also be able to create a macro or alias to perform these tasks on a keyboard shortcut.

I have no idea how to do that.

On the laptop you have the f keys. Next to the number is an image. Depending on if your system is set up with fn lock on or not, when you click the fn key (to one side of the spacebar) and the corresponding f key picture (microphone exed out is mute) it performs that function or initiates whatever that f key is programmed to do in the os or application (f1 - help, f11 - full screen window. F9 - save game/application). The picture ones are what you are attempting to implement. Try the volume up and down combos to see which happens with and without the fn key.

OK, so I've set the microphone mute button to Ctrl + F6. And what about the camera? There's no cover to cover the camera on my computer.

I use a hardware solution... a strip of tape.

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But I often use the camera when I have my meetings. I don't want to go through the pain of peeling the tape off and putting it back on when I'm finished. The same goes for an external webcam.

I have used (and bought) a little cheap plastic cover here in the USA that sticks over the camera and has a sliding cover that slides to hide the camera and slides the other way to allow the camera to see.

Cameras are controlled by the uvcvideo kernel module.

You can disable the camera until reboot by opening a terminal and typing sudo modprobe -r uvcvideo. You will be asked for your password, and after typing it, if there are no errors shown in the terminal, your webcam should be disabled.

If you got the error message: modprobe: FATAL: Module uvcvideo is in use. after trying to remove the uvcvideo module, you can try to force its removal with the following: sudo rmmod -f uvcvideo (thanks thiagowfx)

To enable your webcam again, type sudo modprobe uvcvideo into terminal.

From: How can I disable my webcam? - Ask Ubuntu

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If you are using Zorin Core there's a Gnome shell extension you can use.

Any tweaks that are needed makes gnome shell extensions first port of call. You will need to have gnome-tweak-tool installed first though.

sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool

If it does not show up in the Extensions menu of Tweaks then ask Team Zorin to allow access to other extensions as I posted elsewhere on a different issue that the download new extensions not available in Zorin 16 was available in Zorin 15.x.

So I've installed gnome-tweak-tool, and downloaded and extracted the extension. What do I do now?

Did you add the gnome extension addin to firefox? After install from web page you should see on off switch for the extension. Switch to on and see if it shows up in the panel.

I've just installed the add on for Firefox. Where's the switch for the extension?

On the extensions page. If it doesn't show up in the Panel Team Zorin may have disabled addirional tweaks. To find out, open a terminal and enter

sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool

This will add Tweaks to your menu. Open it and click in extensions. Does it show up?

Nope. I assume I have to download the ZIP file for the shell?

Don't think I've ever tried that method.
I've PM'd AZorin for guidance on rhe changes on extensions not working with Web Browser integration and lack of "get more extensions" in Tweaks.

If the browser extensions is installed there should be a switch on upper right corner:

Thanks, that actually helped!

Artyom has pointed me to this help file:

That didn't work for me in my virtual install for a different extension - see guide Artyom Zoriin pointed me to above.